Hello everybody!

Sorry if I haven’t given news in the last few weeks; I was really busy at work and didn’t feel that I had enough info to share to warrant a post. Nonetheless I worked as much as I could on my game!

Pre-Alpha Test 5

In the last few weeks, I spent my time on fixing bugs, optimizing performance, balancing gameplay and improving the tutorial in prevision of releasing the next version, Pre-Alpha Test 5.

I fixed a few nasty animation bugs that were annoying me for way too long. They were hard to reproduce, so I created an animation debugger that helped me understand what was going on. It felt really good to finally get rid of them!

Here’s a snapshot of the changelog:

  • New: Fog of War
  • New: Tile effects affecting status effects and other short term effects
  • New: Minimap
  • New: Better hit feedback, new damage number rendering
  • UI: Several improvements all around; most in-game panels now take the whole screen
  • Tutorial is now contextual; tutorial slides now appear when specific situations arise
  • 4K resolution support with UI Scaling
  • Performance improvement in cities, AI and FoV calculation
  • So much more!

I also watched a colleague playing the game for the first time (blind test) and I’ve been really happy with the results!

Here’s a few screenshots of Pre-Alpha Test 5:

What’s in the pipeline for the next version?

I already started prototyping/working on new features now that the game is more stable. I am focusing on improving the graphics and world generation:

  • Improved multiple light sources performance by migrating from forward rendering path to deferred rendering
  • Improved world map generator with many more types of points of interest such as graveyards, towers, ruins, etc.
  • Improved wilderness generation with seamless transition between biomes and features (trees, grass, rocks, lakes, rivers, etc.)
  • Improved in-game world map UI (world/chunk/local map rendering with indications for quests)
  • Addition of new assets (Speedtrees, Blender assets, particle effects)

Once I am done with these, I will go back working on gameplay features. I can’t wait to share new screenshots and GIFs of what I’ve been working on!

See you soon!