Divided Kingdoms is a traditional roguelike inspired by the golden era of early 1990’s computer RPG games such as Ultima, Pool of Radiance and Diablo.

A world-changing storyline with multiple outcomes

The kingdoms of the world were at war for hundreds of years. They were fighting against each other and against monster factions.

However, the fall of the comet has caused a great cataclysm and has changed everything.

Monsters are now more powerful than ever. Undead are turning citizen into zombies. Kingdoms struggle to defend themselves against the hordes of evil. A new source of energy has emerged, driving the kingdoms to fight each other for its devastating power.

Enter your character, who can play a critical role in the future of the world and its citizen.

Choose to improve your standing with a faction by helping them in a war to destroy another, or ignore them and go your own way. Choose to be the hero that saves the village against hordes of evil, or make of a name of yourself because of your murderous rampages. Choose to recruit a party of good characters to help your cause, or terrorize the population as a necromancer with a horde of skeletons and mummies. Choose to take part of the unfolding events following the cataclysm, or watch the world go down in flames.

Your actions will have a deep impact in how the story will progress and unfold. Uncover the world’s past to unlock the key to the world’s future…

Emergent, believable and procedurally generated worlds

A new world can be generated for every game you play. The world map is randomly generated using a procedural world generator simulating mountains, oceans, rivers, factions, cities, roads, quests, and much more. You can play multiple characters in the same world to see if you can shape a different outcome.

A true role playing game

Conversations have different dialogue options depending on your character stats, your alignment and your reputation with the NPC. Quests can be started in different ways, and have multiple outcomes depending on your actions. Most of your actions, like stealing, murdering, choosing quest outcomes have an impact on your reputation with the NPCs, the towns and the factions. The abilities, skills and stats that you choose will make a massive difference in how you play the game.

A relentless Dungeon Master

An AI director plays the role of the Dungeon Master, adding randomness to every game. Randomized events happen around the world, such as goblin invasions in cities, an army of liches turning citizen into zombies, random quests, and much more. The Dungeon Master also tweaks the difficulty of the game to make sure that you have challenges throughout your adventures (for example, more powerful creatures are spawned when you have a larger party).

Your actions have a lasting impact

In Divided Kingdoms, your character dies permanently. That means that whatever choices you make, you will not be able to go back and reload a save game. The game is designed that way, to allow replayability and add weight to the actions you choose.

Companions and mercenaries

You can choose to roam the world alone. You can also recruit unique scripted characters to help you in your quests. Each of them have their own personality, character traits, alignment, and dialogues. They can interact with each other and have a unique outcome for certain quests.

You can also recruit mercenaries in taverns. However, they will cost you money, and might leave at any moment… or even turn on you.

Character customization

When creating your character, you can pick a class as a template for assigning stats, abilities and skills. That being said, you always have complete control on how you spend your stat points, and how you unlock abilities and ability trees. That means you can create a unique character each time you start a game, and mix abilities from different classes as long as your character meet its requirements.

There are more than 12 ability trees and 70 powerful abilities to choose from. You can be a monk, using hand-to-hand martial combat to destroy your enemies. You can be a wizard, using spells of different circles to obliterate your targets. You can be a druid, shapeshifting into powerful animals to adjust to the different combat scenarios. You can be a bard, singing songs to entice your party and taming animals to join you in combat. You can be a necromancer, wandering with your army of undead. The choice is yours.

Strategic, turn-based party combat

Divided Kingdoms uses a deep strategic turn-based party combat system with two different control modes. The combat difficulty is driven by the Dungeon Master, who will make sure you always have challenging combat situations.

In Standard mode, the party members are controlled by an AI so you can concentrate on playing your main character.

In Tactical mode, you take directly control on every party member, carefully choosing what they will do. The game also animates each action taken by NPCs, with camera pans and special effects.

Smart, living NPCs

The NPCs are driven by an advanced AI behaviour tree. They are able to react to all sorts of events happening around them, wether in combat or in towns. Citizens work during the day, meet at the local tavern for a beer, go shopping and go back home for a good night’s sleep.They also interact with each other, with different reactions depending on reputation and character traits. Stealing their items, invading their homes, and just pissing them off will have a permanent impact on your reputation, which after a while can make you a lawless pariah no longer welcome in that city.