September 2016 Update

It’s been already three months since my last update! I am excited to share what I’ve been working on, without further ado:


  • Player can trade inventory items with merchants and match the offer using gold
  • Tactical mode looks much better with smooth camera pan between NPCs, camera pan for ranged attacks, proper length for animations, time slow down on certain actions, and much more
  • Targeting mode now displays the range that the player can use an ability; the targeted NPCs display an overlay color animation, and more
  • Added continuous turn mode; the AI takes a turn every 2 seconds if the player hasn’t played his turn
  • A lot of work on the ability, stats and item generation systems; I will share more on this later.


  • Reputation with merchant NPCs are updated when the player steals items from the NPC; the merchant will taunt the player, call the guards or even attack you if you keep stealing
  • Guards now wander around town, attack nearby targets and come to the rescue of merchants when they get attacked
  • Party members now heal injured party member, cast defensive spells, and more
  • Tons of new NPC dialogues (HateGreet, Victory, FoundThief, CallingGuards, AttackingThief, CryForHelp, SavedFromDeath, DisagreeWithPartyLeader, MissedAttack, LowHealth, PartyMemberDied, etc.) and added weight for their random appearances
  • City NPC AI is now processed offscreen if at least a chunk of the city is visible, NPCs can pop in and out of the visible game area
  • AI and pathfinding are now fully done in a background thread; the framerate is a lot more stable than before


  • The viewport for the local map is now full screen. The UI is floating over the viewport.
  • The party panel now looks a lot more refined with status bars of different heights, shadow outline around text, transparency, etc.
  • Damage numbers now look a lot better with shadow outlines, scaling effect, better choice of fonts, etc.
  • New comic book style dialogue bubbles
  • Particles appear over rare/unique items
  • Status bars over NPCs are now displayed only when the NPC is lacking health or is in conflict with the player; using CAPS LOCK displays all the status bars
  • New look for main menu, world map generator, and other main screens

I made a few GIFs for your enjoyment:

See you next time!

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