Weekly Update

Hello everyone! Without further ado, here are the updates for this week!

New features:

  • Item requirements are now implemented. You can see the requirements for each item when browsing items in your inventory and in stores; the game will tell you immediately if you can wear that item or not. I updated the look of the inventory cells to display more information about item bonuses.
  • Added lots of new item types, separated by type of weapon (sword, dagger, spears, crosses, etc.). The item types gradually require better stats to be worn; their damage and sell value scale accordingly. For example, daggers can be worn by anybody but barely do any damage. Dirks require 3 Dexterity, but does a bit more base damage. I added some interesting item types such as crosses; they can only be worn by priests and paladins because they require Piety. They have massive damage bonuses when fighting undead.
  • Cities can now have water and bridges; the plan is to eventually have cities that are completely over water. I’m planning to extend the city grid layout system to support multiple ‘quarters’ in a city with their own grid system, so that will give the cities a bit more natural look.

Other notable changes:

  • Fixed several bugs in city generation; sometimes depending on where the player was spawning, roads and map prefabs were placed at the wrong position. This also caused NPCs to wander around town because some of POI (Point of Interest) positions were wrong.
  • Improved AI Behaviour Tree debugger; it now clearly displays the active nodes, whether they have been successful or not. I’m also printing the blackboard values in a better format.

Improvements to the UI:

  • Added a toast-style notification system for reporting why some of the actions cannot be done (i.e. trying to wield an item that you don’t meet the requirements)
  • Added a warning log system at the right of the screen to display important messages to the user (i.e. player HP is critically low, player cannot move, etc.)
  • Most of the panels in the game now fade in/out

GIFs for this week:

Going through a new city layout with water and bridges:

Walking through a town with water and bridges

Click here for a larger version of the GIF

Inventory items now display bonuses, and if your character meets the item requirements:

Showing inventory items with item requirements

Click here for a larger version of the GIF

A quick demo of what the AI Behaviour Tree debugger outputs:

Quick demo of AI Behaviour Tree Debugger

Click here for a larger version of the GIF

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